Rosato, Bianco, Syrah & Sangiovese
25 ottobre 2021

Steven Spurrier said about Fabbrica Pienza

Sangiovese Toscana 2016

Deep carmine/ruby red, just a touch diffuse on the rim but still young-looking,
fine ripe and slightly spicy nose dominated by black fruits, cherry and blackberry,
giving an impassion of smoothness to come which is confirmed by an almost velvety texture
on the palate with the Sangiovese grip on the finish
.  Not much depth but a very good vineyard wine,quite ‘southern” ie not Chianti but showing more grip than from the Maremma, shows a definite “sense of place”.

Syrah Toscana 2016

Deep ruby colour and even a touch of purple on the rim, still very young, rich black fruits, currants and berries and nice spiciness on the nose, overall warmer and riper than the Sangiovese red and quite a different profile, very good fruit on the palate, quite robust but has firmness and the tannins are ripe and acidity completes the picture, again no real depth but everything is in place to show impressively in the years to come as a very good Tuscan Syrah. 


Bianco Toscana 2017

Fullish yellow, quite mature for 2017 but clear and fresh looking, ripe summer fruits on the nose, quite rich and slightly phenolic and the richness continues on the palate where the wine is freshened by finely balanced acidity.  This is a very interesting example of Roussanne/Marsanne, which are not aromatic nor “lifted” in the Vermentino sense, but more serious on the palate.

Aerial view by drone of the winery

Fabbrica Prototipo 470-3, Sangiovese Toscana 2015

Deep colour, some maturity on the rim, rich and earthy nose, a fine expression of Tuscan warmth, black late autumn fruits very present  and use of oak evident, but all blended in to create a harmonious, richly textured wine with very good depth and vigour and a nice lift of Sangiovese’s natural acidity on the finish to balance the robust 15abv.  This is a very good wine, could be a future classic.

Rosato Toscana 2017

Fullish, quite vibrant rose colour with just a hint of orange beginning to appear, floral light red fruits on the nose, summery and attractively ripe showing some weight on the palate and totally different in style to Cotes de Provence or even a Chianti Rose, but this wine has much more fruit and goes better with a meal.  Although contrary to the very pale roses that are currently fashionable, there is little point in being just another one, and this wine style well-represents the vineyard. 

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