A couple is tasting Fabbrica wines around a big wooden table in the main tasting room



Alternative Tasting room
Tasting room with a bar and sculptures by Valentin Carron


Amongst the traditional pure Sangiovese, you will have the chance to taste it under different aspects: still just aged in concrete or aged in barrels, or even naturally sparkling.
Depending on the vintage, you will taste some Syrah in purezza or blended in a tiny proportion with an expected varietal.

Regarding the white wines, we have produced different styles through the years. As you know now, we never stop experimenting, trying and having fun. It could be a vermentino & viognier aged in concrete, or a stunning Roussanne & Marsanne aged in Burgundy barrels with regular batonnage on lees. Otherwise, the old vintages of Bianco will propose a unique blend of these 4 varietals aged in tonneaux. 

But do not think that it is limited to those. In the winery, there are already unexpected wines undergoing... but we cannot tell you more yet. We are still thinking.
Come and see us, maybe we will have a new Prototipo wine available then...

5 glasses of wines are displayed for a tasting : one white, one rosé and 3 red wines

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (OEVO)

The hand-picked olives are pressed cold in a local frantoio near Pienza. From our 3'500 olive trees we produce only 2'000 kilos of Frantoiano, Moraiolo, Leccino, Correggiolo and Oriolo olives. 

Our organic olive oil is dark green, rich,intense, fruity and very spicy.  
It will really sublimate your salads or every dish with just a generous drizzle before serving.

But you know what... The best way to enjoy it is when it has been just pressed, on a warm piece of bread with a pinch of salt. To do so, you need to come and get it mid-november.

Bottle Extra Olive Oil Organic Tuscany 500ml


A tasting at Fabbrica is not just drinking wine. We strive to a honorable actor of the magnificient Tuscany.
Like our logo, it is a multidimensional experience.
After trying to find us in the middle of the rolling hills of the Val d'Orcia, you will enter our property longing cypresses on a tipical strada bianca to finally see the winery emerging from an immaculate landscape. You will be welcomed and invited to enter the tasting room, from where you will decide what to do and discover something unique and uncomparable. 

Architectural wooden staircase in the barrel room of the winery with some barrels in the background

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Fabbrica Pienza offers a wide choice of wine experiences, in a modern, relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

We are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm.

Visits to the cellar and tastings are only made upon booking.