Meet the team


What makes each of us unique?
It’s an infinite number of small things. Some we have in common with others and some we definitely do not, yet together, they become more than a sum of their, sometimes, not so unique parts.
Together, they make us, us.

Fabbrica is a winery made up of an infinite number of small things; some we have in common with other wineries, others definitely not.

 It’s the sum of our parts that makes Fabbrica.

In the Winery

Portrait of the winemaker of Fabbrica Pienza, Tim Manning

Tim Manning


Born in Manchester, raised near Liverpool and then traveling the world to make wine; Tim Manning knew as soon as he set foot in Tuscany for the first time over twenty years ago that this would become home.
After experiences in Martinborough, New Zealand and in Oregon in the United States, Tim Manning is unanimously recognized by international critics as one of the most innovative interpreters of Sangiovese in Tuscany, as shown over the years at Riecine, Il Borghetto and Montecalvi.
Since 2020, Timothy has begun to write a new chapter in Fabbrica Pienza's story, bringing his vision to the company and helping to broaden the enological path taken so far by the Estate.

Portrait of Fabbrica Pienza responsabile aziendale, Michele Corsi nella barricaia

Michele Corsi

General Manager

"Thanks to previous collaborations by members of my family, I joined the Biondi Santi company in 1987 starting my experience in the world of wine right from the countryside because it is from there that the long journey begins that then leads us to taste good wine as a final product; in the early years I was lucky enough to work alongside people with considerable experience and therefore to learn how the vineyard must be managed, cared for and controlled at all stages of the year and in all climatic conditions.
After a few years, Dr. Franco Biondi Santi, having noticed some useful skills in a cellar, promoted me to cellarman and from there obviously I worked very closely with him, who really taught me all the secrets that accompany this work. from when the bunch enters the cellar until it becomes wine and is bottled. Secrets of the trade that in the Biondi Santi company have always been characterized by a completely organic treatment of the product made above all of a lot of care, dedication and sacrifice.
My experience at the "Greppo" lasted a good 28 years and ended a few years after the death of Dr. Franco Biondi Santi, in 2015, when I had the good fortune to meet the Bertherats who, with their new and very modern project of the cellar, they fascinated me and convinced me to undertake this new and stimulating phase of my career. "

In the Vineyard


Portrait of Simone Basili of Fabbrica Pienza


aka Tronzzi
Portrait of Claudio Bernardini in the vines of Fabbrica Pienza


Portrait of Rocco Iorillo at Fabbrica Pienza


Portrait of the Vineyard manager of Fabbrica Pienza, Gianluca Lorenzetti


Vineyard Manager
Portrait of Filippo Sanguinetti in the vines of Fabbrica Pienza


Portrait of Alessio Zamperini in the vines of Fabbrica Pienza