View on the winery with a coloured sculpture of Ugo Rondinone and vineyards in foreground

Who we are

Fabbrica Pienza

Fabbrica was founded in 2013 with one goal, to make a special / purist wine.

We cannot boast a century of heritage to the territory, nor several generations of winemakers and that is why our main purpose is to experiment and see what this place can offer from an innovative point of view and without borders / infinity of possibilities.

This freedom leads us to experiment every year and we produce exclusive wines for a single vintage that are reserved for our members. We do not try to make wines to copy others, nor to please the market or the journalist, we always have a neutral / avant-garde vision and we only strive to bring you everything that Fabbrica can showcase, with undoubtedly also a little of ourselves.

But isn't this the Terroir? (Place, history and people)


What does avantgarde really mean?
Futurist, disruptive, irreverent, anticonfirmst, revolutionary? 
At Fabbrica we'd like to think we're a little bit of all of the above.

We know our past and we live our present but what about tomorrow?
We look to the future being careful to take heed of what we've learnt and are still learning. You can't be avantgarde if you ignore the past and the present and not think of the future.
Being avantgarde doesn't mean we're better than anyone else, for us, it's simply a means to an end. We don't want to set a trend, to be the leader or a model, nor to impose a style.
We just follow our intuition, we experiment and take some risks every-now-and-then.
And we'll stick to that.

Architectural wooden staircase in the barrel room of the winery with some barrels in the background
Fabbrica winery at sunset with the sculpture by Ugo Rondinone


Avantgarde; innovation, words easily said but not often seen.
From the bricks of the cantina to the simple pieces of equipment we've had made to make our lives easier in the winery: Fabbrica lives and breathes these words.

Yet you can't have innovation without a healthy regard for the past and for that, we are utterly grateful of what the past tells us. The present and the future are about listening to the past and trying to change it, hopefully for the better.
We have a throroughly modern winery, yet if you look closely, underneath the stainless-steel and cement, the cooing systems and equipment, you'll see we're really just doing what people have been doing for millenia - making wine. 
We'd like to think how we make our wine is innovative because of the way in which the winemaker's inspirations are drawn from the big world that is wine, but in the end, he has not invented anything. He only plays with this knowledge and know-how differently to make wines that are unique to Fabbrica.

View on large conical wooden casks in the winery of Fabbrica Pienza
View on the bricks of the winery with the blu sky in background

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Welcome to Fabbrica Pienza, a unique winery in Val d´Orcia.

We are happy to offer different options from a simple tasting to a full immersion tour in the vineyards, in the cellar and a complete tasting of all our wines, including old vintages.

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