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Our wine club is a bit different from what you can expect. You will have some info in avant premiere, you will also be invited to some events, there will be some discounts and free tasting.

But being part of Fabbrica is above all to be part of the adventure. You will decide to bring some experimentation to the final step with wine that will be only available for you. It could be only one tonneaux of Sangiovese with wholebunch, it could be an orange wine of Viognier or a vertical of Syrah.

Our winemaker Tim Manning will tell you what he had worked on and which experimentation are worth of interest. Then, you will decide what you would be curious to taste and we will create for you.

Once again, nothing is written but everything is possible.

A couple is tasting Fabbrica wines around a big wooden table in the main tasting room
A couple is tasting Fabbrica wines with a photo of Markus Brunetti on the wall behind


You will receive 4 deliveries per year of 6 bottles each time, including an exclusive wine that will change every year and which as a Club Member will vote on the proposal and experiments of the winemaker. This wine will not be available on the market and will be limited to 100 cases of 6 bottles.

A couple is tasting Fabbrica wines with a photo of Markus Brunetti on the wall behind


You will receive 4 deliveries of 12 bottles each time. That includes the basic plan "Newbie" with an exclusive wine but also a mixed case of old vintages and our olive oil.
On the top of that, we will get all our goodies and be allowed to order some very big bottles that are not available on the market (and sometimes limited to only 5 units produced, like 6 liters bottle).


Can I stop whenever I wish ?

You can certainly. The offer is valid for a full year service.
Depending on your choice, you will receive 2 or 4 deliveries per year. When receiving the last order, you will be notified to renew your partnership ; you can decide then and change your offer too.

Can I change the wines I will receive ?

The idea of the Club is a bit like a tasting menu, so you can discover all our wines without having to make a choice. It is almost key-in-hand wine service at home.

The fact that you will receive a carton of an exclusive wine not available on the market and limited in quantity does not allow us modify the wine list.

We will inform you before each shipment to confirm your presence and you can obviously use this delivery to add some wine but the programm itself is fixed and cannot be modified. 
Nevertheless, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do...

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