Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bottle Olive Oil Bio Tuscany 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2022

The harvest

Harvest by hand after the big harvest of grapes, the raccolta is a relax and friendly moment that we like to share all together. There are over 3'500 olive trees of various cultivars that make this blend very specific to Fabbrica and makes our extra virgin olive oil a perfect companion for cooking.

Annual production: about 2000 kg

Average yield in oil: 13%

grape pickers in the vineyard
Olive tree with snow


Since the beggining, our olive groves have been organic and as there are split into various plot in between our vineyards, we are sure that they are not contaminated by any neighboorhood. This multitude of exposition, altitude and soil composition linked to the number of varietal also enables us to have a great range of expressions. When every little things make the difference... of Fabbrica.

grape pickers in vineyard
grape pickers in the vineyard
Vineyards & Monte Amiata
two grape pickers are carrying a basket of grapes in the vineyard during the harvest with the city of Pienza in the background