Fabbrica di Pienza, red wines tuscany

Wines without compromise

Fabbrica was founded with a sole objective: to make purist wines with a strong identity that best express the character of the Val d’Orcia unique Tuscan territory. 

We are constantly exploring and experimenting, testing the borders and boundaries of winemaking in this region, innovating and allowing our wines to evolve and change.  

Colourful sculpture made of painting stones by Ugo Rondinone

Our identity

Art and Manufacturing, a perfect union. 

Fabbrica Pienza carries in its name the roots of an identity strongly attached to the surrounding land. The name comes from the Italian term for factory: here, for centuries, brick was produced.

Even our logo was derived from an interpretation of the topographic lattice that surrounds our vineyards, with the cellar at the center. 

Confrontation and dialogue between form and function, beauty and utility. Where the distilled lines of architecture meet the creative whims of winemaking. 

Our philosophy

Sangiovese takes center stage at Fabbrica Pienza: a varietal with which we work in subtraction, stripping it free of preconceptions and historical ties to other regions in Tuscany.

In the Orcia DOC, Sangiovese is free of preconceptions and historical identity. What remains is the true essence of the grape. 

Our wines are organic, but we nearly take that for granted. It doesn’t define their personality. 

The Vineyards

The north-facing amphitheater of vineyards at Fabbrica with Pienza framing the background are our daily inspiration. 

Fabbrica Pienza extends across 140 hectares of which only 35 are planted to vine. 20 of these are dedicated to plots of Sangiovese, while the rest is cultivated to Syrah, Roussane, Marsanne, Viognier, Vermentino and Petit Manseng. 

someone moving out the dry grapes from big wooden casks after vinification
someone moving out the dry grapes from big wooden casks after vinification


Since joining Fabbrica in 2020, Tim Manning brings a new direction to the estate’s winemaking approach; one that reflects his past experiences and savoire faire as a winemaker. 

Microvinifications, long macerations, and the artisanal act of pressing grapes by foot all exemplify Tim’s philosophy which maintains the essence of the grapes. 

Architectural wooden staircase in the barrel room of the winery with some barrels in the background
View on large conical wooden casks in the winery of Fabbrica Pienza

Wine Club

A couple is tasting the wines of Fabbrica with some cheese
A bottle of white and a bottle of red wine Sangiovese with a brick wall of the winery in background

The Wine Club

Fabbrica Pienza’s Wine Club isn’t a chance at a discount or a boring portfolio tasting of the current release wines. 

Taking part in this exclusive club means having the opportunity to take part in exciting experiments with Tim Manning and enjoy the finished wines. You become part of an adventure, a quest motivated by a desire to try something bold or something new. 

A bottle of white and a bottle of red wine Sangiovese with a brick wall of the winery in background

Wine tours

The long, narrow, winding, white gravel road that leads to Fabbrica is lined by cypress trees and dead ends in the amphitheater of our vineyards: in short, a sight for sore eyes. 

Immerse yourself in the sleek atmosphere of a modern, essential cellar; speak eye-to-eye with the winemaker; taste the wines and discover their unified, original identity: it’s not a Wine Tour, but a complete sensory experience. 

Fabbrica Pienza offers tailored experiences according to your needs and inclinations, from a simple wine tasting to a full property tour. 

A couple is tasting Fabbrica wines around a big wooden table in the main tasting room
A couple is tasting Fabbrica wines in the tasting room with sculptures of Valentin Carron in the background